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Hand reading

hand reading

First things first. Pick a hand —but not just any hand. For insight into your work life and how you present yourself to the world, focus on your dominant hand. How to Do a Modern Palm Reading. Palm reading is a very old art. Most palm readers use the same techniques and understanding about the hand that were. Are you curious about what your palm says about you? We can help you read your palm. Just take five minutes to answer a series of questions based on the. Palm reading is not always right. Your dominant hand would be whatever hand you use more often. That's what the fleshy bit below your fingers are called, on the opposite side of your knuckle. The left hand usually represents what you were born with physically and materially and the right hand represents what you become after grown up. Breaks indicate possible delay in your travels. Palmists consider their shape, length, width, placement, flexibility, horizontal or vertical lines, markings, nail shape and whether or not there are half-moons on the nail. MR Morgana Ross Jun NM Nita Mayfield Mar 21, Favorites Shop for Reports Daily Horoscopes Monthly Horoscopes Good Days Calendars Birth Chart Interpretations This Week in Astrology. Mercury retreats into the sign of Leo on August 31st. A Anonymous May 7. The index finger is Jupiter.

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Generally, fleshiness here indicates a love of pleasure. For our purposes today, we're sticking to the basics, which means the palm's major and minor lines. They're easily bored and need variety, and they can be a little impatient and intolerant. They can also indicate your desire to travel. Not Helpful 39 Helpful What does it mean if I can't find my heart line? hand reading Smaller lines crossing health line mean that the person is prone to accidents. Air types are thinkers and communicators. A deep line denotes a good memory, good concentration, and a sensible nature. BRACELET RASCETTE LINES CHILDREN LINES. More stories All reader stories Hide reader stories. If you found your life line, that generally encircles your Venus mount. Real Simple Ideas, Tips, and Simple Ways to Make Life Even Easier Facebook Twitter Instagram Pinterest. Some palm readers choose to read whichever hand is dominant, but I like the theory that you should read both, backed by the belief that your non-dominant hand is your potential, and your dominant hand is what you've done with that potential. The fate line runs vertically from the base of the palm up the middle of the palm not everybody has this line. It means the same as what the heart and head lines mean. If it joins the life line somewhere in the middle, it indicates a point in mid-life where one's interests must be abandoned if favor of those of others. Either way, the meaning stays the same.

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